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Flower Farmer is the original online flower growing and arranging game which allows you to grow virtual flower plants from seed to harvest. Choose your variety, growing medium, lights, water supply, fertilizers and much more! Upgrade to the ultimate grow room as you work your way up the leader boards to become the Top Flower Farmer.

Seed Germination

Manage Seedlings

Main Grow Room

Plant Detail

Flower Market

Flower Arranger

much more than a virtual flower

Loading Art

Start Screen

The Town Center

The Grow Store

The Seed Exchange

Share Your Flowers!



Enjoy instant access by direct download to the Flower Farmer Game App. Using your android phone click the download link to install Flower Farmer and get started growing your plants. As a tip to new players be sure to review the growing guides for information on your first grow cycle, locations in game, details about the main growing screens and more.


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